Specialties Offered

Lumbiota is an integrative health consulting practice, specializing in the human microbiome.  Your gut is home to your “microbiome”—a diverse community of microorganisms that play a vital role in nearly all aspects of your health and well-being (see Microbiome 101). Your intestinal microbiome is not only central to your digestive, metabolic and immune systems, but also critical for having a clear and focused brain!

At Lumbiota, we use evidence-based, cutting-edge research and testing to discover and address the underlying causes of your dis-ease. Together we develop a personalized plan for you to achieve optimum health–-tailored to your goals and lifestyle. Let’s get you feeling better than ever.

Men and Women’s Health

We understand your body to be a complex biological system that must be cared for as such. Current medical and even alternative models focus on treating your symptoms rather than discovering the root of your dis-ease. What if I told you that the currently available probiotic strains are not made for the adult gut, and can exacerbate your digestive issues? Instead, our cutting edge programs support your body’s natural resilience, helping you to rapidly achieve peak levels of wellness.

  • Dietary, exercise and lifestyle programs for inspiring your body’s inherent resilience
  • Heal your gut and take back your brain and life
  • Women: treat and prevent UTI’s, Candida/Yeast infections, and vaginosis–naturally! We teach you simple ways to end the vicious antibiotic cycle and heal your vaginal microbiome. Gain your confidence and comfort back


Mom’s and babies

We specialize in comprehensive counseling services for mothers and families from preconception to the first years of life. Current research and our experience show that preventative health for infants starts with mothers during preconception and pregnancy. We work with couples and individuals in setting the healthiest possible foundations for their future family.


offer comprehensive preconception and prenatal counseling services for couples and individuals that have high-risk pregnancies, couples who have had difficulty conceiving or maintaining pregnancy, as well as those who may have general questions. Most commonly we work with couples and individuals in setting the healthiest possible foundations for their future family. Preconception is the ideal time to intervene if necessary, to rebalance and restore your health.

  • Targeted microbiome testing and certain interventions are safest and most effective at this time
  • Dietary, exercise and lifestyle programs for getting healthy, gaining energy and preparing to give your child the best platform of health
  • The father’s health matters! Epigenetic research shows that father’s health, diet and even psychological state can influence their child’s health

A mother’s health during pregnancy is critically important. Prenatal gut and vaginal infections are leading causes of miscarriage, premature birth and future health complications for both mother and baby. These infections include urinary tract infections (UTIs), Vaginosis, and yeast/fungi. The most common treatment for these infections is antibiotics, and yet growing literature documents many health conditions associated with antibiotic exposure in utero. One study showed that infants who were exposed to antibiotics in the second and third trimester had 84% (33-154%) higher risk of obesity, after controlling for other factors. Let us teach you how to prevent and recover from the vicious cycle of infection/antibiotics, become healthy and give your child the best possible start in life. Studies show that the best prevention for infant/childhood allergies begins with the mother’s healthy microbiome during pregnancy!

Support and strengthen the vaginal microbiome to prevent urogenital infections (i.e. GBS, UTI’s etc.)


We offer consultations to support parents preparing for birth. The mother’s birth canal is the first major source of foundational microbes that will seed the infant’s microbiome. These first microorganisms begin working immediately to develop the infant gut for the next series of microbes and the interruption of this inheritances is associated with multiple conditions. We support parents to prepare the vaginal microbiome for proper seeding of the infant’s microbiome. We consult mothers who test positive for GBS and explore the ins and outs of natural versus Cesarean births.

  • How to prepare for a natural birth
  • What to do in the event of a C-section

Birth through infancy is a key developmental window for the gut microbiome and intestinal development. The development of the microbiome is what we call “successional,” meaning the very first microorganisms will literally change the environment of the gut for the next wave of organisms to take residence…and so on into the first years of life when the gut community is solidified. This makes this “window” very important. Find out how you can support this early development and give your child the best possible health outcome.

  • Support with breastfeeding and/or formula-feeding
  • Support with recovering from C-sections
  • Support with premature infant (gut development)
  • Keep mom and infant healthy, prevent antibiotics and recovery support if antibiotics are necessary
Infants to Toddlers

Many if not all of the symptoms that cause infants and young children distress can be tied to an unbalanced gut microbiome, or underdeveloped intestine. This is a critical time for discovery and remediation so that your child will not have to suffer for the remainder of their life.

  • Colic
  • Allergies
  • Chronic ear, upper-respiratory and gut infections
  • Autism
  • Vaccines and the microbiome
  • Prevention and recovery from antibiotics
  • Eat dirt? When to expose your children to what for optimal immune development
  • “Terrible twos” (to “terrible fours”), hyperactivity and the microbiome
Your Home Environment and the Microbiome

Studies show that your home environment is one of the key spaces that infants-young children acquire their gut microbiome in early life. Schedule a home-environment consult so that you can get your questions answered and create a healthy microbial environment for your family.

  • Is there a mold over-growth in your home?
  • How is your home contributing to your family’s health or disease?
  • Do you want to support the best exposures for your family?
  • Pets and the microbiome
  • How to alter your home environment and expose your babies at the ideal times for their immune development