“Dr. Sheets has been with my family every step of the way from pregnancy through the birth of my twin daughters. They are now about to turn one and I have to say they are the healthiest kids I know. As a mama I want only the best for my little ones, and Dr. Sheets has helped us give that to them.”

Genoveve, Age 31

“I have always been an athlete, healthy and strong. But recently I started feeling sluggish digestion and I had a couple episodes of food poisoning (or something my doctor couldn’t pinpoint). Antibiotics made my symptoms worse. I met with Dr. Gabriela a few times and I’m feeling better than ever. I am inspired to take care of my body in a whole new way. Thank you Dr. Gabriela!”

Albert, Age 45

“Before I found LIH I had no energy and I could barely go to work. My body was always really achy and I couldn’t eat anything without having a terrible stomach ache. When my lab tests came back ‘normal,’  the doctors told me it was in my head. Finally my allergist told me about Dr. Sheets, and I’m so thankful he did. She’s helped me understand what was really the root of my health problems and we’ve slowly begun to unravel them. I’m feeling better and able to get my life back. It isn’t easy but I’m so grateful for Dr. Sheets’ support. I can’t believe how many doctors missed what was actually wrong with me and so thankful someone finally took the time to figure it out with me!”

Sarita, Age 22